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Engelska 6, Uppdrag 4

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No. 1: Writing - The Black Cat
In Studieguide 5 you listened to the short story The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe.
• Summarize briefly the main events as they occur in the story. 
• Also find out more about what is typical for a gothic story. Then write a second paragraph in which you use examples from The Black Cat to show how the story can be said to be typically gothic.
In order to solve this task you need to search for information about gothic literature. You should use at least two different sources. The sources must be listed at the end of your essay.
Your essay should be 400-600 words.
Svar från studerande: 

Mr Groper lives with his wife in a big house. They have lots of animals. One day they get a big black cat and calls him Pluto. Pluto follows Mr Groper everywhere. After a couple of years Mr Groper becomes more and more grumpy and cruel. He starts drinking more and more alcohol and starts hurting his pets and his wife. Pluto the cat who has followed him everywhere before starts running away instead. So Mr Groper cuts out his eyes. And later he hang Pluto with a rope around the neck. Suddenly the house burns down and there is a wall the didn’t burned up by the fire. Mr Groper goes back to look at the remainings. On the wall there is a figure of a cat hanging in a rope.

Mrs and Mr Groper move to a new house. They get a new cat who looks like Pluto but has white fur as well. Mr Groper gets more angry and cruel. He kill his wife, or he think he does, and put her behind the wall in the basement. Suddenly police officers knocking on the door. Mr Groper has build up the wall as it was. They all go down in the basement. And suddenly they hear a weak sound from within the wall. It’s Mrs Groper who makes a weak call for help.

Typical for a gothic story

A typical gothic story is written as “I” in first person. Also writing about horror, terror, omen, supernatural, and sexuality. Also you can say a typical gothic story focus on the dark and evil side of the human. Psychological portrait - “Themes of madness and emotional distress characterize the psychological emphasis of gothic literature.”

Examples from The Black Cat to show how the story can be said to be typically gothic

Here the story shows of the typical signs of gothic story.
The cat “fled in extreme terror when I approached” - The extreme terror, when the cat see Mr Groper coming, and also horror.
..”hung it because I knew that in so doing I was committing a sin, a deadly sin that would so jeopardize my immortal soul” - A deadly sin - which points to horror and terror. “I approached and saw a figure of a gigantic cat” on the wall that didn’t burn. - A figure of a gigantic cat on the wall - supernatural part of the story.

Also the story is in first person “I”. Mr Groper is talking in first person as the narrator.

Kommentar från lärare: 
Good job!
Certainly a horrible story that was written in the gothic tradition whose purpose was to show how far a human being can actually go. The author  Poe had his misfortunes too and perhaps there is a lot of him in this story. Interestingly Poe loved cats…     This short story was written in 1842, and it is regarded as the beginning of horror stories. In what way is it different from a criminal story?
No. 2: Speaking - Horror
Choose one of the following oral assignments and record a soundfile:
•  Give a three minute oral presentation of a horror movie you have seen, being sure to note if the music, cinematography or other elements played an important role in creating a sense of horror for those watching the film.
•  Horror stories are often told around a camp fire. Pretend you are at a summer camp where you are the camp counselor. You are sitting around the camp fire with some of the children attending the camp. Tell a horror story that you have either heard or read, trying to create as much of the element of fear as you can. Your story should be 2-3 minutes long.
As always, remember that it is important to speak freely! You may not simply read a story from a full script.Try using keywords instead. A list of keywords will give you the support you need  but also enable you to speak more freely. 
Have you used other sources than your own mind? If yes - do not forget to list them in the box to the right. 
Svar: Ljudfil delas inte. Tänk på att berätta "fritt".

Kommentar från lärare: 
You talk about a film you have seen. Good job!
No. 3: Writing - Literary Analysis
It is now time to write a literary analysis of your novel of choice.
The purpose of a literary analysis essay is to carefully examine a clearly defined aspect of a work of literature. It is a kind of writing that demands tight organization and control.
Therefore, your essay must have a main idea. What exactly is it that you want to analyze in your analysis? You formulate your main idea in a thesis statement. Try to be a specific as you possibly can. A clearly defined main idea will make it easier to go ahead with the actual analysis. A main idea which is less defined and too general will make it very difficult to be precise and focused in your analysis.
Having presented your clearly defined main idea in a thesis statement you proceed with paragraphs in which you support and illustrate your main idea. Finally you round off your essay with a conclusion that grows logically from your paragraphs.
Does this sound difficult? Do not despair - you find detailed instructions about how to write a Literary Analysis in Studieguide 5 as well as in Writer’s Workshop pp 234-239 in Blueprint B. Read these instructions carefully. Then write a literary analysis of 500-700 words on your chosen novel. Do not forget to make sure there is a thesis statement - otherwise your answer will not be written according to the instructions.

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Svar från studerande: 
Noone wants Heavy Boots

Have you ever lost someone that has passed away? In the novel

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close  written by Jonathan Safran Foer. We get to follow the main character Oskar who lost his father in the 9/11 2001, in the world trade center.

Oskar and his father, Thomas Schell, were very close. Oskar's father played “Reconnaissance Expedition” every sunday. Thomas left Oskar clues to find out about the next mission. The game could go on for weeks. That was the father's way to get Oskar to talk to people and to play with him and to keep his mind occupied. Oskar is a thinker and his thoughts spins all the time. After Oskar's father passed away, Oskar has tried to find clues that his father could have left him. One day Oskar finds a key hidden in a vase, in his dad's closet.

  In my analysis i will focus on Oskars grief. How the Heavy Boots is the word for grief in the book. And why is it so important for Oskar to find the lock that fits the key?

I think that Jonathan Safran Foer shows how hard it is to lose someone.

The key, that Oskar finds in the vase, is a way for Oskar to feel close to his father. Oskar is convinced that the key is the clue. He see the name “Black” on the envelope were the key was in. He searches for the key by visiting every person that has the last name Black.

 For every visit at the “Blacks” people, Oskars “Heavy Boots” get a little lighter. “Heavy Boots” is a way for Oskar to explain how he has a heavy heart after he lost his father.

Oskar also writes letters to different people. Oskar says “A few weeks after the worst day, I started writing lots of letters. I don’t know why, but it was one of the only things that made my boots lighter”.(p16).

The heavy boots gets lighter when Oskar gets to listen to different “Blacks” stories from their past and about their grief, in the search for the final clue with the key.

At the end he meets the Black that owns the key. And Oskar is upset that the key wasn’t a clue for him. It was a key for Mr Black.

I think it is hard for a small child to lose a parent. A child can react in many different ways. In this novel, Jonathan Foer shows the reader how a child's life can be turned upside down when a tragedy happens.

Oskar is a smart kid and knew that his dad wasn’t in the coffin. Here i think is the heaviest on his heavy boots. He had not said goodbye to his dad properly. And after Oskar had open up the empty coffin and filled it with stuff that matter to him, he finally got lighter boots.

Conclusion is that even the hardest times gets lighter by time. The pain never go away, but you learn how to live with it.

Oskar finally learns to deal with his grief. And he finally opens up to his mother about everything. The key learned Oskar that there are more people that are in grief and has been in grief but feel much better.

Kommentar från lärare: 
You have written an interesting essay and we will talk more about it and your book in the oral exam.Remember, that it is never allowed to refer to yourself in a literary analysis.
Glöm inte anmäl dig till det Nationella Provet!

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