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Engelska 6, Uppdrag 3

No. 1: Writing
Choose ONE of the following three writing assignments to the texts How Far Are We Unwilling to Go, Dropping Out and Earth Forever in Blueprint. Your text should be 400-600  words. 
• How Far Are We Unwilling to Go? Imagine that you are one of the survivors from the plane crash in the Andes. 35 years after the crash  a newspaper runs a series of articles about the effect of the crash on the lives of the survivors. As part of the series, you write a personal account of how the ordeal has affected your life and thinking in the years after the rescue.
• Dropping Out. Imagine that you are Nora in Dropping Out. Write a farewell letter to your boyfriend Ben or your mother to explain why you leave him/her and decide to go to Toronto to stage a one-woman protest in a city street.
• Earth Forever. Imagine that you are a reporter. Write about the events in the forest as a reportage for a newspaper. You find guidelines on how to write a reportage on pp 246-249 in Blueprint B. Make sure you read the guidelines carefully before you start writing.
If you are using other sources than Blueprint, such as websites, books, articles etc, do not forget to list them at the end of your essay.

Svar från studerande: 
Four environmentalists arrested

Last wednesday four Environmentalists, from the organisation Earth Forever, were handcuffed and taken to custody.

It was last wednesday, Tyrone O’Shaugnessy Tierwater and his daughter Sierra together with Andrea Cotton, the spokeswoman for Earth Forever, and their friend Teo Van Sparks, were arrested.

The four environmentalists was blocking the passage for deforestation vehicles in the middle of nowhere.

According to the Sheriff the four activists were standing in concrete up to their knees.

“I don’t know what they were thinking”, said the Sheriff Bob Hicks.

Sheriff Bob Hicks had blocked the passage for all journalists, higher up on the road. But I got a chance to speak with Tyrone Tierwater, after they all got released from custody.

When you were standing there, in the middle of nowhere, what was going on in your mind and what was it that you wanted to achieve with this protest?

- I am a man of nature. I can’t stand beside and watch when people with less intelligence destroy the nature everyday. I wanted to reach out to the people, to open their eyes, on what is going on with nature. I wanted show the people how the nutcases devastate the forest. We need plants and trees to breathe and live. I was hoping you journalists would show up. But the Sheriff stopped you unfortunately up by the road. And you are the only one that actually is asking questions afterwards.

What were you thinking when you took your teenage girl Sierra with you?

- I wanted to show her how we are working when we to try to open people's eyes. What I am doing as an environmentalist out on the field.

The Sheriff told me that you all had diapers, is that true?

- That Sheriff is a stupid moron, excuse my language. When he came up to us, he and his deputies behaved like children. We from the Earth Forever used buckets to sit on during our protest. The Sheriff and his deputies kicked them away from us and just stood there laughing at us, before they took us away to custody. And the answer to your question, yes we used diapers.

Why did you do it? Why did you and your friends do this protest out there, in the middle of nowhere?

- We want the people, the world, everyone to know about the deforestation. So we can do something about it, together.

Don’t you think that people know? And don’t you think there is other ways to get your voices heard?

- If everyone knew, then there wouldn’t be that amount of deforestation in the world.

Yes and no. If me and my friends didn’t do this protest then you wouldn’t be here interviewing me. I could have come direct to you, but then you wouldn’t have had a story, you would have had to investigate my story afterwards.

Where will you go from here? After all, now you have me telling people about it. Would you do this all over again?

- Me and my friends will continue our journey on making our voices heard. I am grateful that you did this interview. That makes it all worth it. Yes i would do it all over again.

Kommentar från lärare: 
Interesting and exciting reportage for a newspaper, good! I'm missing a proper ending/conclusion though. 

No. 2: Argumentative speech
Imagine that you are going to participate in a debate on national TV. The debate is about environmental issues and you have prepared a short speech on the following topic:
  • Recent reports show that it requires international cooperation to lower average temperatures on earth. But how far should we go in order to save the planet? Should we boycott travelling by airplane and always take the train? Should we ban the imports of goods from far away? Or is the fear of global warming just propaganda?
Take a stand in the climate change issue. Find arguments to support your view and try to predict possible counter-arguments in order to turn them to your advantage.
Read  pp 213-214 in Blueprint about how to prepare and structure an argumentative speech.
Your speech should be approximately 3 minutes long. Remember that it is important to speak freely. Speaking at a debate on TV inevitably means that you cannot read from a script!  A good way to prepare is to write down important keywords. Then practise speaking freely from your list of keywords. When you feel confident about speaking you record the soundfile.
Are you using other sources than your own mind? If yes - do not forget to list them in the box to the right.
Svar: Bifogad ljudfil i uppdraget. Detta delas inte.

Kommentar från lärare: 
You take a stand in the climate change issue and use arguments to support your view, good job! Try to speak more freely and always begin with a proper introduction and a conclusion in the end.  
No. 3: Realia 

Read about the History of the United States of America in the realia handout in the Novo library (kursbiblioteket).
From the facts and the list of keywords for further studies, write about three important events or persons in the American history. Also tell me why you chose them. The essay should be about 400-500 words.
In order to solve this task successfully you need to search for relevant information. You can use the realia handout, books, magazines, the Internet etc. You must use at least two different sources. When looking for information it is important to be a critical reader. Can the sources that you are using be trusted? Who is behind it?
All sources that you have used must be listed at the end of your essay. If using Internet-based sources, the exactweb addresses should be listed. Also tell me what you did to evaluate the credibility of the sources. (The sources and the source-critical discussion is not included in the word limit.) Only sources in English, please!

Svar från studerande: 
The New Deal – Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR)

When FDR became president 1933, it was during the great depression. He was acting fast to save the economy and help the people. The new deal was the turning point. FDR started projects and programs that created jobs. The first programs was “National industrial recovery act” and   “Agricultural adjustment act”. FDR was letting farmers lend money to start up their farms. He also started to give monthly payment to people without jobs, to people who had retired.   

The Puritans and the Pilgrim fathers – The Mayflower

The Mayflower was the ship that took the 102 Pilgrims from England, in september 1620, to the new world at Plymouth in North America.
The pilgrims was seeking religious freedom from the church in England. Who at the time was catholic.
In 1629 came the puritans to Salem in North America. The puritans was the people who wanted to purify the church. They didn’t want to separate themself from church, they wanted to improve it. They lived as orthodox believers.
The puritans and the pilgrims was the ones that started to divided america into the states they are now.
Many people can do a genealogy and find themself related to one of the 102 pilgrims.

The Civil Rights Movement

This movement was about the black people getting equal rights as the white people. In 1868 the black people, the slaves, got the same right by law as everyone else. In 1870 the black male people got the right to vote.
After the civil war the slavery ended, but the black people still had to live with racism against them. After a long fight for justice the African Americans began a two decade long fight for equality. (1950-1960).

My words on why i wanted to write about these events.

I choose to read and write about this three events because i think all of them are important to the history we now live in. The new deal made it better for people financially. And it still lives on today. Without Franklin D. Roosevelt, the financial crisis wouldn’t stopped as fast as it did. And maybe people without work wouldn’t gotten the help they did.

The pilgrims and the puritans is a way to show that it is up to every single person to believe or not believe in god. They took a stand in that question.

The civil rights movement, i think is the biggest history event of the three event. No human should never ever be slaves!

Kommentar från lärare: 
Good job.
Se till att få rätt på källorna/källförteckningen. Det är en stor del av betyget!

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