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Engelska 6 Uppdrag 2

Engelska 6 kursen läste jag Januari - Mars 2018.
Vill tillägga att jag fick D i betyg. För att jag klarade den muntliga examinationen.

No. 1: Writing
Choose ONE of the following three writing assignments to the texts Meet Mark  and Meeting Mr Darcy in Blueprint.  Your text should be about 400 words. If you are using other sources than Blueprint, such as websites, books, articles etc., do not forget to list them at the end of your essay.
•  Meet Mark. The mothers in both Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones’s Diary very much want their daughters to be married, despite the fact that one book was written 200 years before the other. Why? Write one paragraph discussing this. Then write a second paragraph about whether parents today have the same concern to see their daughters married as the parents in the texts you have just read.
•  Meeting Mr Darcy. Discuss the status of women in late eighteenth-century/early nineteenth-century England as it is depicted in the excerpt from Pride and Prejudice, using examples from the text.
•  Meeting Mr Darcy. Write a one page diary entry such as you could imagine Mrs Bennet would have written after she returned from the ball (dreams, expectations, emotions, concerns etc.).
Svar från studerande: 
My dear Diary!

Oh what a wonderful night at the assembly, i feel so happy tonight.

Mr Bingley was such a gentleman towards me and the girls. I am so grateful that Mr Bennet talked to Mr Bingley so that we could be acquainted with each other.

And also so that Mr Bingley knew about my daughters.

I just want to find a suitable husband for my daughters. Is that too much to ask for? No, i do not think so! How i love Mr Bingley! He is such a gentleman. He danced all dances, he really loves to dance. Tonight at the assembly Mr Bingley danced with Jane, twice! And Elisabeth told me that Mr Bingley had told Mr Darcy that Jane was the most beautiful girl he had seen. And Jane like Mr Bingley too.

Oh my dear diary, i can tell you everything. I will make sure that Jane and Mr Bingley get married. I can not tell that to Mr Bennet. He will think that i am crazy if i do and he do not agree with me. He does not care to get our daughters married, not as i do. I do not know how he is thinking. I can not allow my daughters marrying just any man! No! My daughters shall marry a handsome wealthy man.

And i feel that Mr Bingley has everything i want for my daughters.

My dear diary! I must tell you about Mr Darcy. I almost do not know what to say or think about him, he makes me angry. He has to be the most proud, boring and rude person i have ever met!

Mr Darcy looked so handsome and kind, when he entered the assembly. However, when he started to talk, or wait, he did not talk! He answered my questions very snotty, and then he was just immodest and walked away. I hope that i never have to see him again. And if i do. Then i will never let him dance with my daughters. Did you hear that Mr Darcy!

Good night.

Oh, wait. If i do see Mr Darcy again, i will most certainly tell him some unpleasant words.

Oh, oh, Did i tell you that Mr Bingley danced with Jane twice? Oh, sorry yes i did.

Well, i wonder how Jane and Mr Bingley's children will look like. They will be so…

No more now. I have to go to bed and have a good night sleep. I have so much to find out about tomorrow.

Good night my dear diary.

Kommentar från lärare: 
Good! It is obvious that you have understood the text well and you bring up several of the themes from the original text.
No. 2: Reading Comprehension - "The Right Chemistry"
Read the article "The Right Chemistry" on pp 39-45 in Blueprint B. Having read the article, answer the following three questions in your own words:
a) According to the article, what role did romance play in the early days of the human species?
b) According to the article, why is it common for many relationships to end after four or seven years?
c) According to the article, why do women tend to take longer before they fall in love?

Svar från studerande: 
A. It became essential to child rearing. The body became visibly when the human began to walk on two legs. Which made the human more attractive towards one another.

B. The body stops producing PEA (Phenylethylamine), the chemical that makes you feel the kick of love. If a couple does not have any children in the first four years. Then the body stops producing the chemical. And some people need that chemical PEA to stay with their partner.

C. The woman need more time to get to know the man that she is interested in. She needs to feel if he is a safe man. Some women wants the man to have a secure economy. He shall also be a man that will be a good father to a future child.

Kommentar från lärare: 
So what do you think, can this information be useful in a relationship? Or is it too chemical to help us avoid falling into the obvious traps?

This is an example of evolutionary psychology which tries to find links between early and contemporary human behaviour in order to explain why we act the way we do. The behaviour is then seen as something genetical but there are also other branches of psychology that say that it is more about learning a behaviour socially. Probably there is some truth in both sides. What do you think?   
No. 3: Speaking - Informative Speech
As a student of English 6 you need to develop strategies to search for relevant information in larger amounts of text, as well as strategies for source-critical approaches. You are also supposed to learn more about historical, political and cultural conditions in different parts of the world where English is used. In this assignment you get to work with all of that. 
In Studieguide 1 you read about British history.  Your task now is to choose one of the keywords in the list (p 6 in the Realia-document)  and give a speech on the importance of that event or person in British history. Please watch the video below about how to record a sound file.
This is the imagined speech situation:
  • You give your presentation to a group of other students of English 6.
  • Your task is to make them interested in this particular event or person.
  • Your task is also to inform them about the importance of this event/person.
In order to solve this task successfully you need to search for relevant information. You can use books, magazines, the Internet etc.
You must use at least two different sources. When looking for information it is important to be a critical reader. Can the sources that you are using be trusted? Who is behind it? Remember that the source-critical approach is also part of the assessment!
All sources that you have used must be listed in the text editor. If using Internet-based sources, the exact web addresses should be listed. Also tell me what you did to make sure your sources are reliable - a few sentences in the text editor for each source is enough. All the sources must be in English, you can not use sources in Swedish, or any other language.
Remember that it is important to speak freely. You should not read from a full manuscript. A good way to prepare is to write down important keywords. Then practise speaking freely from your list of keywords. When you feel confident about speaking you record the soundfile. Your speech should be 2-3 minutes long.
You also find valuable advice and recommendations on how to structure an informative speech on pp. 212-213 in Blueprint B. Make sure to read them through carefully. 

Svar: Detta delar jag inte. För det var så dåligt. Men jag delar med mig av vad min lärare skrev. Där finns väldigt bra tips att ta till sig.
Kommentar från lärare: 
You have collected interesting and relevant facts about an important document in British History. You present the facts in a clear manner, but it sounds as if you are reading. If you are, a good piece of advice is to write down a few keywords instead of a whole text. In that way you will be able to speak more freely. There is a big difference between READING and SPEAKING. In the sound files you are supposed to speak. If you are able to speak freely, there is also a greater possibility that you will actually learn these facts. Also, there is no grading criteria for reading out loud.

If you want to get more fluent and expand your vocabulary I recommend you to listen to as much spoken English as you possibly can, preferably every day. There are, apart from films and TV-shows, many downloadable radio shows on the BBC's homepage: www.bbc.co.uk. You can listen to American public radio at  www.npr.org       
If you feel unsure about speaking English and want to practise more, why not join our extra-curricular, completely voluntary conversation classes? They take place on Mondays and Thursdays. You find more information about the conversation classes in Kursforum (see Kursöversikten).

It's important to evaluate the reliability and scholarship of information you find in both print and electronic formats.
Use these guidelines when evaluating web resources for authenticity:

If the author is not identified be wary of unnamed webmasters. It should be evident who created the content of the page. If the author is identified, what are his/her credentials? Does he/she have expertise in this field? You might want to do an Internet search on the author's name to verify his/her identity. Is contact information provided?

Publishing body or web server
This can help you determine the origin of the document, for example whether it is produced by a federal or local agency, a nonprofit organization or a commercial web site. A web site on a university or institution's server is more likely to be a reliable objective source than one on a commercial site.

Some sites are officially approved by the parent organization to which they're linked. Others can be on a parent site but not officially sponsored by the organization. A personal home page on a university's server does not automatically confer reliability.

Be aware of when the web page was created and how recently it's been updated. Is the information current? Outdated information and broken links indicate that the page is not being maintained.

Is the range of information presented comprehensive? Does it organize or present material in a creative, useful way or just rehash information found easily elsewhere?

Accuracy and objectivity
Can the facts presented on a web site be substantiated elsewhere? Be aware of data that can't be confirmed or that presents a biased view of information. Web sites often have a particular agenda or viewpoint they are trying to portray, which may affect the way information is presented.

Footnotes and bibliographies
References and links to other sources can add to a document's credibility, depth of scholarship, and authority.

Outside reviewers
Has the site been rated by one of the Internet rating groups? Sites that have been awarded good ratings are always quick to display them in an effort to legitimize their site. Be aware, however, that Internet ratings groups have differing criteria or standards of quality.

Is the site well-organized and easy to navigate? Look for an overall design that makes it easy to find or search for the information you need.     
It is extremely important that you read and follow all the instructions carefully. The word/time limit that you are given reflects the level of detail required. This means that if your assignment is too long, you're either taking too many words to explain your point or giving too many / too detailed examples. If your assignment is too short, either there is more to the answer than you have written or the assignment has not gone into enough detail about the answer.

The word/time limit adds to the challenge by requiring that academic skills be demonstrated within a relatively small number of words. Producing incisive and clear written/spoken work within a certain limit is an important skill in itself, which will be useful in many aspects of life at and beyond university.     
Tips. Läs allt väldigt noga. Och när du ska spela in den muntliga, se till att ha övat. Om du läser från pappret så hörs det. 

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